How to be a great trainer!

So, you are a trainer at an RTO and doing your best, but you want to be better. You are looking for new perspectives…

Being a VET trainer carries with it great responsibility. You are not only responsible for yourself – coming to work on time, preparing lesson materials, keeping up-to-date with industry developments, just to name a few things – but you are also responsible for your students. You have a direct and profound impact on their lives – in supporting them to become capable and autonomous learners and in guiding them when it comes to what they are going to do and achieve in their futures.

A bad trainer can have an equally deleterious impact, and this realisation should be enough to provide any trainer enough motivation to create a classroom experience for learners that is engaging and effective. The key word here is confidence. Confidence in yourself that you can aim high in your work ethic – and building confidence in your learners so that they can aim high in their chosen profession.

Many trainers even believe that it is a privilege to work in the VET industry – you can be daily involved in something you are passionate about; you work with dynamic and vibrant people; and you deal with challenges that keep you  interested and engaged.

A Perspective


Think about that word for a minute. I am not talking about proposal and marriage. I am talking about a connection between trainer and learner, where there is involvement. Training is a process, and over time, that involvement will lead to learners having a better connection with content. Trainers should always be looking for ways to actively engage with learners – but how???


Looking for new approaches and techniques is something that all trainers should be doing. This helps the trainer to stay enthusiastic and keeps the interest level of the learners high. Some trainers view this as too risky – they want to stay with tried and true methods that have always worked for them in the past. But the risk is worth it – even if mistakes happen on occasion, you are developing your own unique style, which will mean you create your own authenticity. Learners trust most the trainers who come across as being real.